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Power up 2012!

18 Apr

First time going to a power up and damn it was fun! i really enjoyed my time there and hanging out with all the peoples. It was the most fun i had in a long long time. The bus trip was so long though and i ended up missing  the first bus. So i took a other bus but it was all worth it. Chinatown buses are a  hassle but it comes with the cheap price.


When i finnaly got to ohio jody the great picked me up. He is a lee player from stl. So he picked me up and we traveled to the venue where i met all the other players and others from nyc such as dieminion and sanford kelly. Sluch housed me for the whole weekend and was a great to me the whole weekend. what a great nice guy and pretty solid alisa.


i enjoyed arcade legacy alot. They had a bunch of old arcade games on freeplay. So i got to beat smash tv, battle toads, simpsons arcade game and a punisher beat em up game. I also purchased duke nukem planet of the babes, vigalante 8 and street fighter ex 2 for ps1 and urban reign for ps2 since i like collecting stuff.


as for the tournament i won  and defeated sluch;s alisa in the grand finals. I came home with a trophy in hand!

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Final round 2012

18 Apr

so the week after finland i make it down to final round in atlanta. Its my 3rd time going down to atlanta and first time taking a plane down there. The event was really run badly. I had alot of trouble getting to atlanta since i had nobody to pick me up from the airport. I didnt enjoy this tournament much. Tekken was run 8 hours late and tekken top 8 was run 8 in the morning and i almost got disqualified.


I ended up getting 3rd place out of like 100 players. Tried my best for the time being. Was glad to be able to see alot of familiar faces and get to chill for a bit. To many it was the last tekken 6 major tournament. But to me it was just the  biggening to a new journey!

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<a href=”;current=finland.jpg” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

what a tournament it was. I had alot of fun at this event. It was a hell of a long travel but i really enjoyed my stay. entomo was a great host! it was a honor for him to house me  and take care of me.  The flight was quite long and enjoyable. I got to see alot of movies i never seen before. Like smurfs, crazy, stupid love and friends with benefits.  Good movies. When i finnaly arrived in finland killer doll and entomo picked me up quite quickly. Finland was pretty cold but im glad i bought a coat before i went over there.

The entomo housed me and i got to meet a couple of the other european players. They where all really friendly and the level of player was great. The food was alot better then germany. I loved eating kebab. it was very tasty like hallal food. The only thing i didnt enjoy was that the drinks were limited. but i did find a hello kitty soda lmao. So that was pretty cool.


i ended up getting 2nd in the tournament only losing to the korean jdcr. I didnt do my research well enough. next time il be more ready. I got 1000 euros for 2nd so it was a good trip indeed! i hope to come back to europe sooner or later!

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