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So i made a trip to virginia this past weekend for a tekken tournament called tekken rage day. I was spending time with my gf and dropped her off where she needed to go so i can go to my travels.

I went with two other nyc tekken players. LordSavior and the exalted. It was a a pretty long trip. Like 5 hours i believe. I stood awake most of the trip since i never sleep in moving cars. I got out and a pit stop and got a 1 dollar arizona can and i was good to go!

The drive went well and we got to george mason university faily quick. Its a college down in virginia where they also host tournaments for mortal kombat and tekken. This tournament was the same day as lingmassacres island invitational. So danny lee aka dangstro the organizer of the tournament put up the live stream on a projector so we can all watch the amazing tournament. Most of my friends where at this tournaments which are achillez from new york a raven player im close friends with, formyninjas from VA and mr taxi from virginia. I cheered all them on as they battled! As far as the tournament went . It was a small turn out about 18 people.

I battle threw the tournament defeating Sayco who used bob and dragonuv, sindrummer using lei and finnaly the exalted using lei. Me and exalted have battled alot in tournaments. My experience against lei is very high as i know the match up pretty well. He got close to beaten me this time around but my nerves where untouched and i came out with the victory. The prize was small 100 dollars but i get to use it to enjoy a loving valentines day with my gf. so i had a great time.

As far as the island invitational i expected Drumfx to come out with the win and he did. He got top 16 at final round last year and defeated the exalted to qualify. That tournament was of high caliber and i expected him to do so well. My friend achillez tried his best but he seemed a bit off his normal game. i give props to mr taxi for trying his best coming from a online background and doing so well with a strong 2nd place finish. I hope this tournament gives the players enough fire to continue to wanna improve as players and go the extra mile!

After the event was over we went out to a korean chicken spot and just went on a chicken wing eating rampage. I still had chickens left over and ended up eating them when i returned home! we ended up sleeping at some kids dorm before we decided to head back to nyc. Trip back was longer then when we was going there but i was glad to be finally home and enjoy some good sleep.

Next tournament for me will be winter brawl 2012 for tekken 6 and tekken tag 2 so everyone look out for a blog update on that!

tekken rage day 2012 results
1 Fighting GM
2 The Exalted
3 Sayco
4 Lamar
5 Vegeta
5 Marbles
5 Trina
8 Sodium
8 SinnDrummer
8 KrazySyko
11 Eddie
11 Tim
11 Idola
11 Dangstro

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