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Winter Brawl 6 2012

28 Feb

So i decided to travel to winter brawl this year once again. The event is in philly same place  that nec takes place. I took the china town bus with a other new york player named fernando {the Game} Feebles. we took the bus around 11 and got into philly around 2. We stopped in a 7,11 type store called wawa and got something to eat and then took a taxi straight to the hotel where the event was being held at.


They had about 4 tekken tag 2 machines so everyone got to play the game the whole weekend. Its a really fun game but gets some getting used to cause of the tag assault combos and many possibilities. I tried to use different teams with lee such as, lee and bob, lee and lars, and lee and jack. I mostly used jack and lee the whole weekend.


They had both tekken 6 and tag 2 tournaments. I signed up for both. Tekken 6 was on saturday and tekken tag 2 was on sunday. Both tournaments where relatively small.  For tekken 6 i played players such as mr taxi anna, robert hubbs, a lee player, and inkognito. I played inkognito in the grand finals, he used steve and bryan. I won the tournament in gm fashion.


Tekken tag 2 was the next day. I decided to stick to lee and jack. I put jack up first which worked best for me since it was only team i knew. people didnt think my jack would be good and i have practiced stick. I defeated fernando who used miguel and law, i defeated reno he used lars and law, also defeated some jaycee user. I played nyc fab in winners finals and defeated him and then played reno in grand finals and won. Great weekend. Great times! finland was next stop!

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