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what a tournament it was. I had alot of fun at this event. It was a hell of a long travel but i really enjoyed my stay. entomo was a great host! it was a honor for him to house me  and take care of me.  The flight was quite long and enjoyable. I got to see alot of movies i never seen before. Like smurfs, crazy, stupid love and friends with benefits.  Good movies. When i finnaly arrived in finland killer doll and entomo picked me up quite quickly. Finland was pretty cold but im glad i bought a coat before i went over there.

The entomo housed me and i got to meet a couple of the other european players. They where all really friendly and the level of player was great. The food was alot better then germany. I loved eating kebab. it was very tasty like hallal food. The only thing i didnt enjoy was that the drinks were limited. but i did find a hello kitty soda lmao. So that was pretty cool.


i ended up getting 2nd in the tournament only losing to the korean jdcr. I didnt do my research well enough. next time il be more ready. I got 1000 euros for 2nd so it was a good trip indeed! i hope to come back to europe sooner or later!

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