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Power up 2012!

18 Apr

First time going to a power up and damn it was fun! i really enjoyed my time there and hanging out with all the peoples. It was the most fun i had in a long long time. The bus trip was so long though and i ended up missing  the first bus. So i took a other bus but it was all worth it. Chinatown buses are a  hassle but it comes with the cheap price.


When i finnaly got to ohio jody the great picked me up. He is a lee player from stl. So he picked me up and we traveled to the venue where i met all the other players and others from nyc such as dieminion and sanford kelly. Sluch housed me for the whole weekend and was a great to me the whole weekend. what a great nice guy and pretty solid alisa.


i enjoyed arcade legacy alot. They had a bunch of old arcade games on freeplay. So i got to beat smash tv, battle toads, simpsons arcade game and a punisher beat em up game. I also purchased duke nukem planet of the babes, vigalante 8 and street fighter ex 2 for ps1 and urban reign for ps2 since i like collecting stuff.


as for the tournament i won  and defeated sluch;s alisa in the grand finals. I came home with a trophy in hand!

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