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some of my favorite matches plus newer matches of me added.







  • K-Keo


    yoooo what up gm. found your website through the ATG podcast and thought i would check it out. i’m a fellow lee player. anyway, keep doing what you’re doing. you’re a big inspiration for a lot of us lee players out there. looking forward to seeing more stuff from you in the future. i’ll definitely be checking your website for updates and stuff. take care man.

  • Timsonic


    Congrats, Fighting GM!)
    You are a great Lee player, it’s always very entertaining to watch your matches!)
    Wish you good luck at what you’re doing!)

  • aleemx316


    I wonder who would win in a match with FGM and help me lee ?

    • FightingAdmin


      help me is not a lee player i rather fight pong lee

  • SridharsVs


    Hey there Fighting GM,
    How do you buffer an e-slide from a side walk or sidestep? Could you please give me the exact notation.
    I have absolutely no problem pulling off an e-slide, but I have no clue on buffering it from a sidestep.



    • FightingAdmin


      just side step and do quick dfdf motion same as ryu super in street fighter

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